Ocean Acres Cat Sanctuary

Rescue Cats

Urgent Cat Adoption Appeal

When Ocean Acres took-over from the previous charity, we became responsible for over 50 rescue cats they sheltered. Ocean Acres cats live in an large open cattery on 4.5 acres of land. They are not penned or in cages and are free to roam the property. These are our resident cats and permanently live at the sanctuary. We are working on improving the facilities to accommodate new cats and kittens for adoption so at present we only have a small selection urgently in need of a loving home.

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Adopt a Cat or Kitten

We urgently need homes for new addition cats and kittens. Whilst we work on renovations, we currently don’t have the space or facilities to shelter more.

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Sponsor a Cat

The Sponsor Club is made up of a group of people generously donating a monthly sponsorship to support our amazing rescue cats. JOIN THE SPONSOR CLUB!

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The Resident Cats

Our resident cats aren’t for adoption but they’d love you to come visit. Over 100+ cats live freely in a beautiful setting. It’s a relaxing day-out you’re sure to enjoy.

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Rehoming FAQ

Adorable cats and kittens for adoption. Interested in adopting a cat or kitten? Here’s all your frequently asked questions and answers.