• Date Adopted: December 19, 2020
More About Bambi

The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – our sweet Bambi has a forever home! We knew it was meant to be the moment she met her new family. The love between them and her was visible off the bat. We were sad to see her go but we’re so very happy she has the family she deserves!


Bambi is a super sweet little girl who is always wearing a silly smile. She has a funny tooth that does nothing but add to her level of cuteness – not that she needs any help!


She is another classic example of a dog being surrendered with a puppy – a dog that was bred too young. Her babies have all been adopted, she has been spayed and now her days are filled with waiting. She is waiting for someone who says she is cute to actually adopt her. She watches all her friends come and go, adopted almost as quickly as they came. We have not had any issues with her and the many dogs she has lived with. She is the Alpha dog in her little pack of friends and does well when someone steps out of line. She has helped many of her friends grow and learn to be a good dog. She is a breeze to walk and is always up to playing. She isn’t a jumper and would be happy in just about any home – if someone would just adopt her….