• Date Adopted: December 18, 2021
More About Baylee

This is Baylee, surrendered to us. He and his friend Rumpole, also surrendered, were both so badly infested with ticks that they both needed a blood transfusion. They are doing well now. We are so grateful to our lovely dog Hala for donating blood, she saved two lives.

If we all work at this together we can make a difference.  We even need to call on our canine friends for help once in a while!

Baylee is good with other dogs and is very playful, untested with cats. Baylee is friendly but yet still shy, so it may take time for him to engage fully into a new home as would be expected with many rescues.

Baylee is approximately 30 lbs.


Baylee will have his first Christmas in his forever home! What a lucky puppy!