• Date Adopted: October 22, 2023
More About Bilbo

Bilbo was found wandering one night along with Frodo, in April 2023 (Frodo was very much a puppy at the time).  It’s hard to tell what the relationship is between them, maybe Bilbo is Frodo’s father? Bilbo is older than Frodo, but they obviously had set off on their travels together and were quite bonded and happy with each other’s company.  Since then they have settled in well at Ocean Acres.  They don’t live together any more and have their own, friends – Frodo got to play with some other puppies!

Bilbo is a happy, confident boy, he loves the company of people and would be fine in a family home with children.  He likes female dogs and some male dogs; large male dogs have been a bit much for him on occasion.  A steady introduction is required with male dogs, he doesn’t like to be approached to quickly and enthusiastically!  He prefers a more polite greeting.  He walks very well on a lead and loves going for walks.  He has shown no sign of aggression or guarding of his food.