• Date of Birth:
  • April 2016 (approx.)
  • Date of Passing:
  • 9th Sep, 2020
More About Bonnie

Bonnie’s time with us was short. Whatever her little life went through made her system weak. She started to show signs of illness not long after her arrival and sadly, there was nothing we could do.

Bonnie came to us alongside her friend, Clyde. They spent their entire lives in a box. Someone saw the box and called us. Their owner surrendered them to us, having claimed they never wanted them anyways.

Bonnie is getting used to living life outside of a box. She is very friendly, though she does love to run around in circles! She enjoys chasing the birds in the paddock when she is out to play. She’s not sure what a leash is and while we are working on it, she currently does not enjoy walks. Laps, however, are her favourite – especially when the human attached to the lap gives pets!