• Date Adopted: November 26, 2023
More About Bop

**UPDATE – Bop and Bip have been adopted! They travelled to Canada on our MJET Freedom Flight on November 26th and have found a new home together thanks to the generosity of our amazing friends here at MJet Barbados and our wonderful rescue partners in Canada.

Bip & Bop were spotted running loose in some pasture, they are obviously siblings; Bop (short legs!) is slightly smaller, shorter, than Bip (long legs!).  It took about a month to catch them as they were very shy.  They finally gave themselves up on 5th April 2022.  Both had neck wounds from embedded chains.

The two boys spent a while at Ocean Acres and then were lucky enough to go to a fantastic foster home where they live with 3 other dogs.

Bop is a ‘talker’ and leads the pack to come in and say it’s time for a walk. He will let you know if he’s locked out. He sleeps happily all day but is alert to noises and will bark occasionally.  He is always happy to see us in the morning and on our return home from work.
Bop is still quiet timid unless other dogs are around, they really seem to give him confidence and he’s affectionate towards them; so a home with other dogs would be best for him.
One of his favorite things is a a scratch behind the ears and he loves to chew on a cushion or dog bed …given the opportunity!
On a shortish lead Bop walks fine, but on a longer one he circles a bit which makes him hard to walk in tandem. He’s also reactive when neighboring dogs behind their gates bark at him.  Off lead he’ll run away from you fast but responds well to ‘Bop…no!’ and comes back. He’ll stay close once he’s run off his initial energy.
Bop enjoys a bath and brushing and he won’t touch his food until you’ve turned and walked away. he’s not highly motivated by food or toys and is generally a happy, cute little fella.

They have been known to chase cats so they would be best in a cat free home. They don’t mind children, but loud, wild play might be too much for them.  Respectful children and interactions are required at this stage.

Bip and Bop are very much a double act as you can see from the pictures, and they are obviously quite bonded.  However, we don’t think that it’s esential that they stay together and at this stage of their development, there are benefits to them splitting up and encouraging further bonding with their humans.

Bop is around 30lbs