Elsa and Champ

  • Date Adopted: November 18, 2021
More About Elsa and Champ

Update on our Hurricane ginger kitties (July 13)


…the 2 little fighters are a boy ‘Champ’ (R) and a girl “Elsa” (L) (as she’s been a strong force since day 1) and are doing well. The little boy has had his fair share of battles to overcome.  The enlarged umbilical nub infection was really taking him down quickly. Dehydrated as well. Needed a feeding tube as he hadn’t eaten in almost 2 days, & that got him going. Then he struggled with wheezing and congestion, but is getting so much stronger now and his appetite is back. So I’ve called him Champ! I made a make shift steam room for him to help break up congestion in his chest with the steam, tapping and antibiotics, he’s finally through the hardest part. Elsa started opening her eyes 2 days ago followed by Champ yesterday. Fully opened today lol Absolutely adorable kits.


Mama Super Fosterer can’t leave Barbados without these two survivors, as well as 1st kitty Sienna and rescue/adopted puppy Annabelle. They will also be flight buddies for “Bryony”, OAs sweet tripod beautiful brindle girl. So much gratitude to this amazing family for everything, happy travels to all of you.