• Date Adopted: February 7, 2021
More About Flossie

She’s off to Canada! A big thank you to Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue for helping get this girl her forever home!

Flossy is a little dog with a big personality! She is full of energy and thinks she’s bigger than she really is. She has some reservations when first meeting new dogs but when given a bit of time, is just fine with any new friend we’ve introduced her to. We think she’s a rare breed of dog – the kind where there’s springs in their legs! We’ve not seen such a small dog jump so high in the air before! She is for sure a dog that needs a high, secure fence. Don’t let her size fool you!

She is highly intelligent and would do well with regular training and stimulation. We aren’t sure of her history but she seems eager to be around people, so we feel she would love to be with any home that would have her. She is starting training with us and seems quick to learn as well.