• Date Adopted: November 26, 2023
More About Foxie

**UPDATE – Foxie has been adopted! She travelled to Canada on our MJET Freedom Flight on November 26th and has found a new home thanks to the generosity of our amazing friends here at MJet Barbados and our wonderful rescue partners in Canada.

Little Foxie; we can’t decide if she looks like a fox or a baby deer!  She is a sweetheart.  Absolutely loves people and is very affectionate.  She’s quite submissive, in that she shows you her tummy and begs you to touch her.  She is not shy or nervous.  But like so many dogs here, things haven’t been easy for her and she hasn’t had the kindness she deserves.  At the moment she is underweight.  She was not kept well and not fed enough.  In spite of the neglect, she still has faith in humans.  Apart from needing to gain a few pounds, she is healthy and well and ready to start a new life.  She hasn’t been exposed to cats, but we would expect given her nature that she could be introduced to them.  She could live with other dogs, or be the only pet.  We think she would learn new house rules and living quickly, she’s attentive and smart and wants to please.


Once filled out we expect Foxie to be approximately 20lbs