• Date Adopted: November 1, 2020
More About Jade

Jade showed her magical powers to just the right person, who quickly fell in love with those wonderful jade green eyes. They knew she was the one and she was very quickly adopted. Jade now lives the life she always wanted but never knew she could have.


It was a Sunday afternoon when we got the call about a dog that needed our help. She was chained in her owners yard when she was able to break the chain and run away. The chain tangled in a tree and she was stuck for a week, helplessly trying to free herself. She had a horrible neck injury from trying to break free and her collar cut into her neck. By the time she broke free and got home, she was severely malnourished, dehydrated and the neck injury had become horribly infected. Her owners simply could not cope. Jade was surrendered to us and we rushed her to the vet.

When Jade finally arrived at OA and was able to relax – and not have any more puppies – she began to relax and let her personality shine. While a quiet girl all around, Jade does have her playful side. She loves her walks but she also loves laying in the sand and watching the world go by.