• Date Adopted: November 29, 2020
More About Kane

Kane is living the life in Canada! We are so happy to be working with an amazing rescue in Canada that specializes in our island dogs and rehoming them in Canada. He made the journey and is enjoying his foster home in Canada while he awaits adoption.



Kane is a reformed bad boy. He used to be the biggest noise maker, jump up on people and just cause havoc. Like we said though, he’s a reformed bad boy. Kane underwent some serious training with a trainer who spent a lot of time working on the little guy and he is now the sweetest boy there ever was. He no longer jumps up on you. He no longer barks his little head off. He is most excellent on a leash. He follows commands, sits on an instant and is not easily distracted. He has been gate trained and can now find the home he worked so hard to get.

Kane loves to play as he is still a young dog. He has told us all he wants is a big yard with lots of toys to play with and at least one human to snuggle. He says he’s never slept in a bed before, so if he doesn’t in his new home that’s ok but he would love to “watch TV” like his friends told him about. All he really wants though, is a family of his own.