• Date Adopted: July 4, 2023
More About Lilly

Meet our sweet Lilly. She was a ‘Hope’ dog – meaning she was here when we took over from the Hope shelter in Jan 2020 – so we don’t know how long she’d been there prior to us coming in. She is just SO lovely, a little bit on the older side. She had been adopted in Feb 2020 – she went to be a companion for a large 100 lb dog – apparently this family had looked everywhere for a companion this 100lb boy could get along with – and he LOVED Lilly. We kept checking on her – and all seemed okay. The companion dog died sadly, and suddenly they didn’t want her any more…even more sad. We were so heartbroken to learn this was their attitude to her. When we got her back – they had shorn her coat, and she had a flea allergy with sores on her body 🙁 However with some attention and care she’s looking and feeling better. She’s been back with us since August 2022. Its such a shame that they didn’t look after her like they promised they would.

But Lilly did ok in the end, she is now living in Canada.