• Date Adopted: March 9, 2023
More About Nanny

**We are so happy that Nanny has followed in her sister’s footsteps and left for Canada today to head to her new forever home!**

Nanny was rescued with another dog we believe is mostly likely her sister, Billie. They were apparently bothering some goats and a farmer had taken a dislike to them, caught them and was planning to kill them. A neighbouring farmer heard about this and called us. After discussing, he agreed to take the dogs to his farm while we did some shuffling around to make space for them at Ocean Acres. While we can understand that goats may not like them, turns out they are really sweet friendly happy girls, and very well behaved. They are not naughty, not jumpers, are good with kids and people and walk well on a leash. Nanny weighs approximately 22 lbs. Both girls will make lovely pets and companions…just maybe not if you also have goats 😉 Come and meet Nanny!