• Date Adopted: October 17, 2021
More About Odysseus

One of our amazing volunteers spotted this boy wandering, barely alive, and got him off the streets. His condition was shameful, starved, weak, and abandoned.  Straight to the Vet obviously. Big dogs are expensive to care for so we are seeing more and more of them being dumped.
A few days later, things are looking a bit more hopeful for this boy he started to eat. He very much enjoyed his minced beef but he’s got a long way to go. He’s going to need a lot food and care with a good sprinkling of love.
Odysseus had been discharged from hospital and has got himself a wonderful foster home and a foster sister!  We are so happy for this big boy. He is still very weak, and has to keep sitting down, but, he’s up, on his feet and ALIVE!
He will still need a forever home, so if you are interested in this beautiful boy Odysseus, please contact us.