Rosie Jo

  • Date Adopted: September 11, 2021
More About Rosie Jo

Rosie is an example of the side of animal rescue you don’t often see, or hear about. Rosie had a home. She was loved. Her owner became very ill and no one was able to help her properly care for Rosie. It was a heartbreaking day for Rosie and her family when she came to us. Rosie arrived scared, confused and with her favourite toy. She cried the whole rest of the day.

Soon Rosie adjusted and made friends with the other dogs.  She would run and play and showed what a loving friendly girl she is.

She has be adopted by a lovely family in Jan 2021.

Then tragedy struck, poor Rosie was surrendered by her new family, her new owner became ill and wasn’t able to care for her. So Rosie is back. But we hope not for long. This story definitely needs a happy ending.


Congratulations Rosie.  We knew it wouldn’t be long before someone came for you again!