• Date Adopted: December 6, 2020
More About Roxy

Our little Roxy melted the hearts of just the right people! She tugged the heart strings of some visitors who had not planned on adopting while in Barbados but when they saw our little girl, they couldn’t help but fall in love! Roxy has recently made the journey to California and we’re told she was the perfect travel partner. She joins two other dogs and her new family spoils them all rotten!


Roxy and her mum, Macy, were saved off the streets of the South Coast. While Macy was quick to settle in, Roxy clearly wasn’t used to people and being in a safe place where she didn’t have to worry about getting her next meal. She was very timid of people and would do her best to hide when you went to pet her, peeing a little when you picked her up.


It took a lot of encouragement but our staff worked hard on little Roxy and got her to see that people aren’t all that bad – sometimes, when you let them pick you up, they give treats! Roxy now comes running when she sees you and rolls over eagerly for belly rubs – something she likely had never had before!

We see no signs of aggression at all from Roxy, who gets on well with other dogs. Though she wasn’t sure at first, she now enjoys going for walks. She has not yet been spayed, so her new owners will need to see that’s done as soon as possible.