• Date Adopted: October 30, 2022
More About Stuart

So much to say about little Stuart…or ‘Stuart Little’ as we love to call him!

We received a phone call from a woman who said he had wandered into her garden. She sent us a picture and he was so concerningly skinny and small. Once we arrived to pick him up we were shocked, the picture didn’t even convey just HOW skinny and little this poor boy was. He was SO TINY, he couldn’t even really stand up on his own. We brought him back to Ocean Acres and checked him out, got him eating and socializing. A week later – what a difference! He was a new little man, happily trotting around. He’s so endearing, he steals your heart because he’s got the sweetest little face, he’s kind and gentle, loves EVERYONE.

Stuart has now found his forever home in Canada.