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Foster A Pet

Foster and Save a Life!

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary: Foster Homes Urgently Needed to provide temporary homes for the dogs and cats in our care. Fostering an animal can help them recover from neglect, abuse, illness or injury – taking the first steps towards finding a new, loving forever home. Fostering allows us to save even more lives by allowing us the space to rescue another animal in need.

Who Can Foster?

If you’re visiting Barbados on a long-term work contract or on a Working Visa, if you’re on vacation and here for a while, if you’re a permanent resident and would like to help.

Fostering Policies

We ask that you give the animal a safe and loving temporary home, to care for them until we have space at the sanctuary, or until they’re adopted or if they’re poorly or had surgery where they’ll need a quiet comfortable environment to recover or FOSTER AN OLDER DOG OR CAT and give them the happy ending they deserve. If fostering a dog, you’re to have a fully enclosed safe and secure garden, they are not to be tied or penned or allowed to roam free. If fostering a cat, they are to be kept inside for a minimum of four weeks to familarise with their surrounds and you can’t live on or near a busy main road.

Ocean Acres reserves the right to collect the animal if in our opinion they are not being kept as per the stipulations of the agreement.

Spay/Neuter Policy

If the animal is not spayed or neutered when they leave the Sanctuary, you agree to have them spayed or neutered as soon as practicable. Under no circumstances will they be used for breeding.

How long will the foster animal be in my care?

Each individual case differs. It depends on the animal and it’s situation. It could be days, weeks, months but it’s up to you and you can specify this when applying.

Who’s responsible for paying for their care?

To support Ocean Acres, we ask that the foster carer provide food, water, shelter and veterinary care as required (unless otherwise agreed).

What if I can no longer foster?

You are to notify us immediately. The animal will not be passed on to anyone without prior notification and agreement with Ocean Acres.

Can I adopt after fostering?

Yes absolutely! Foster carers can adopt their foster pets.

How Do I Apply?

Download, complete and return the application form below. We’ll contact you for a chat, if you pass the criteria, we’ll let you know of dogs or cats available for fostering, we’ll then arrange a home check to ensure you and your property are a suitable match.

Download the Foster Form

Please return the completed form via: email:, in person or by post to: Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary, Newcastle, St. John, Barbados.

Promotional Flyer

Please download our promotional foster flyer and share with your friends, family and on your social media. Sharing is caring!