• Date Adopted: December 6, 2020
More About Taylor

Taylor is another of our babies that made the journey to Canada, where we have a wonderful rescue we work with. She and her sister Chelsea made the trip trouble free and are currently being spoiled rotten by their foster family while they await adoption.


Taylor was brought to us as a puppy. She’s an example of a pet owner with an unspayed female. She was unwanted, unloved and so, so little. We have watched her grow into a beautiful girl and we simply cannot imagine her being unloved. She loves her walks and play time and got started on training at an early age. She is a star student, learning to sit and stay like it was second nature to her.

Taylor gets on great with other dogs and has shown no aggression of any sort. She has been spayed and is nearly done growing.


Who remembers Taylor? She was one of the first dogs we sent to Canada last year. Look at her now.  We found her and her sister, each chained to a concrete block.  So pleased to see her happy, loved and free!