• Date Adopted: January 23, 2021
More About Taz

It has finally come to be time for Taz to drive off into the sunset with his new family! Taz has watched patiently as his friends and siblings have been adopted. He often wondered if he would ever get his happily ever after and he finally has! Enjoy your new family, Taz!


Looking back at his baby pictures, it’s hard to imagine the dog we have today is the same as the scared little puppy that was surrendered back in June. He came with sister Lucy, brother George and Mum Kai. All were scared. None we think ever knew that it was to be loved.

Taz was fattened up, trained and loved by staff and volunteers alike. He has grown into such a wonderful, beautiful boy. We’ve heard him talking to his friends about his hope for a large yard to play in. We feel he may also enjoy having another dog to live with. We do know he has never been loved by a family and never had a home. It’s time he get that chance to finish growing his personality and in order to do that, he needs a home and family.