• Date Adopted: January 13, 2023
More About Zara

Meet Zara. Zara was found dumped at the side of the road in late August 2022.  She was very nervous, malnourished, missing most of her fur and covered in motor oil (a local, old fashioned ‘remedy’  for any kind of skin issue in dogs).  Her skin was in a dreadful condition but is improving all of the time.  She was a bit unsure, we don’t think she’d ever been shown and kindness.  Now she loves attention and runs up to anyone she sees asking for cuddles. She’s put on weight, has regained almost all of her coat and is looking better and happier than ever. She’s bouncy, excitable, and is now interested in balls and other toys.

The great news is that Zara has made a new life in Canada!