• Date Adopted: October 1, 2023
More About Zavi

*UPDATE – Zavi has been adopted! This lovely boy has found a forever home here in Barbados, and we are so happy for him.

Zavi is good with other dogs, can be a little bit bossy but not enough that he can’t mix, he just gets a few eye rolls from the other dogs for his sass. He can escape sometimes as he’s curious so would want to keep an eye on him, and would be careful in a dog park situation. He walks pretty well and is well behaved. He did he bark some when he first arrived to us, but stopped since he’s gotten settled with us. He’s an energetic boy that loves to run and play.  He was found wandering the street by someone and they couldn’t keep him long term so he came to us. He’s a happy boy looking for his person.

Zavi is approximately 37 lbs.