Task 1: The Five Animal Freedoms

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five animal freedoms

Did you know that there are Five Animal Freedoms?  We’re going to tell you about them in this first Ocean Acres Youth Group module.

The Five Animal Freedoms help people in Barbados and around the world think about animal care and welfare.

We at Ocean Acres like the Five Animal Freedoms because they teach us how to give positive experiences to our dogs, cats, tortoises and other pets. In fact, it’s not just about pets – it’s also about farm animals and even wild animals like green monkeys.

When any animal is lucky enough to have the Five Animal Freedoms, they have a good life, a life that is worth living. Isn’t that what every animal deserves?

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

by ready access to fresh water and a good diet to maintain health and vigour

2. Freedom from discomfort

by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

by prevention and by rapid diagnosis and treatment

4. Freedom to express normal behaviour

by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind

5. Freedom from fear and distress

by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

Watch these videos and try answering our questions in the quiz below. It’s just for learning and fun. Good luck!

We found these great learning videos on YouTube. Some of the animals in these videos don’t live in Barbados. But the Five Animal Freedoms are for all animals – no matter what species of animal and where they live.

Welcome to our 'Five Animal Freedoms Quiz'

When should I change the water in my pet’s bowl?

When should I feed my pet?

When a dog is outside, what do they need to be comfortable?

What are some of the signs that an animal is ill?

Which one of these suggests a dog is happy?

Which of these is the LEAST likely to scare an animal?

Do animals feel pain?

Do animals get lonely?

When is it okay to hit an animal?

Should everyone get a pet? No, you should NOT get a pet when:

What are the Five Animal Freedoms?

Get writing! Tell us in less than 100 words how you’d care for your pet on a daily basis (think about food, water, exercise, love and affection)

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