• Date Adopted: November 12, 2021
More About Thea

Thea is a gorgeous girl with comically huge ears which our staff believe she was blessed with so she could hear everyone tell her how lovely and sweet she is all the time! (Which they do constantly). She was rescued with Felicity and Ray, they were living loose, possibly abandoned, as a little pack (Ray may even be her father, we don’t know).
Someone was feeding them and eventually called us to come and help them.  Thea was a little bit shy to catch, but soon gave herself up.  We brought them home to Ocean Acres, everything was going well and they were coming along nicely and then one day we went into the pen and unbeknownst to us, she had been pregnant and had delivered ONE little baby!! We searched everywhere and determined she’d only had the one single pup,  which was likely why she did not show signs of pregnancy.  We waited to see if she would had more…but no! Just the one! Thea and the baby moved into a staff home to be looked after so that Thea could nurse.  She looked after her baby very well…his name is Barnabus and he has been adopted.  He grew big and adorably chubby quickly because he was the only one getting all the milk! When Barnabus left, Thea was quite depressed for about 10 days.  This sadness wasn’t long lasting, now she is happy and joyful.
…and guess what happened next???  Yes, huge foster fail and lovely Thea is going nowhere!  She is adopted by the staff member that was caring for her.
Thea is approximately 25 lbs.